A Penny for Your Thoughts

Many people have hyperactivity. It's often a word used to describe children with ADHD. I hyper-actively talk. Which is also a symptom of ADHD but also OCD, which I have. I can talk a hundred miles a minute. It would really be something to boast about if it wasn't one of the biggest of my [...]


Did You Know I Write Fanfiction?

I'm surprised I haven't posted about some of my greatest writing achievements! In the upper Haight district of San Francisco there is an independent bookstore named The Booksmith. The owners of this bookstore now also own a bar (The Alembic) and a bookstore/bar (The Bindery). Every first Thursday of the month, The Booksmith puts on [...]


January 17, 2016 In my apartment building, we are very considerate. We do nothing that might inconvenience anyone else. We don't own animals, they may annoy our neighbors. We don't play music or our televisions as they may be too loud for one another. We don't run water or use our stoves because of the [...]